Cash Flow Peace of Mind, Now!

WiseCash cash flow forecasting for small businesses and freelancers

Bills are coming in each month, relentlessly. You feel pressured to earn more. You are sometimes worried about staying afloat. As a consequence, you work a lot, too much sometimes - or not for the right price. It may even affect your personal life.

But it doesn't have to be that way! WiseCash is here to help you out.

Imagine if you could get to know exactly how much cash is needed for the 3, 6, 12 coming months? You could stop worrying and overcommitting. You could invest your time and money in what's relevant for you, making informed decisions.

Once you ELIMINATE UNCERTAINTY, you'll be able to focus on your business. To negotiate more sharply. To invest at the right time. To set YOUR pace.

WiseCash helps you get more control over your life, remove stress, increase profit and make spare time to be used for topics that matter to you. In a word: extra-freedom!

What people say

“ Thanks to WiseCash I discovered I could increase my hourly rate a lot without taking any risk. I now work 3 days x 5 hours, earn just as much as before — and get to focus on my own projects with the spare time I got! ”  Thibaut Assus (Ruby Freelance)

“ Loving the time-wealth feature. Exactly what I needed, thanks! ”  Garren Smith (Founder and Developer)

“ I love it. <3 — WiseCash instantly won our hearts! ” Jan Oelze (Developer and Designer)

What WiseCash does for you

Cash flow forecasting is a nice thing — but what are the benefits?

Read along!

Earn more and negotiate

If you know exactly where you stand cash-flow-wise, now and soonish, you can be more daring and raise your rates or negotiate firmly on a given contract.

This is about being able to turn down a contract without fear — we know you will enjoy this!

Reduce bankruptcy risk

Your company could be profitable, yet have to close because it goes temporarily out of cash.

Giving you a clear view on your upcoming cash flow balance helps you avoid exactly that.

Earn more: put your money at work

Once you have a bit of extra money on your account, you can finetune and lend money to the bank.

(make sure to always use a 100% safe account).

WiseCash helps you getting a better idea of what you can do with your extra money.

Free your mind

Every week, WiseCash reminds you about who you should invoice and who you should pay next, so you do not have to remember all this.

During the week, you do not have to constantly remind yourself about those transactions and you can focus on your work.

Never pay late fees!

Nobody wants to get into trouble with taxes administration...

Avoid fees — and avoid engaging into a troubled relation: the weekly reminder email will make sure you pay on time.

Improve your family-life and work-life balance

Brought to you by a couple with children, WiseCash makes sure you can take informed decisions.

Make sure you do not over-commit, nor go on holidays with regrets.

Once you see facts and the burn-down chart, you can more objectively decide where you stand.

Improve your "time-wealth" and overall financial independence

What if you earn a lot but also spend a lot?

Wealth is a relative thing.

With the "time-wealth" metric, your cash flow is translated into how many days you can sustain your expenses given the current bank account balance and the planned expenses.

WiseCash computes this key metric for you, so that you can work at improving it.

More time-wealth means more and more freedom of choice, so we want you to work on that!