“We thought that forecasting our finances in a spreadsheet would be easy, yet it turned out to be a tedious time sink...”

Forecasting your cash-flow provides you with valuable insight required to make key decisions for your business, yet doing it in a spreadsheet isn’t without its issues:

  • Do you feel like you’re wasting your time, carefully copy-pasting cells and sheets to extend your forecast?
  • Are you weary of having to track down and fix those pesky spreadsheet #ERROR!s yet again?
  • Are you constantly compelled to double-check that no rows are missing from your runway calculation?
  • Are you pulling your hair out trying to handle repeat transactions in a way that makes sense?
  • Do you feel like you spend more time tweaking your spreadsheet than actually “forecasting”?

When forecasting is a hassle, you do it less often, or just go back to regular work. As a result, you can quickly lose your handle on your business’s cash-flow… Not a good thing!

Wouldn’t you love to get an accurate cash-flow projection in a snap, just when you need it?

How much easier would your job be if cash-flow forecasting was so frictionless that it was almost... fun? Imagine:

  • You’d have always up-to-date cash-flow projections.
  • You’d leverage those projections everyday to make solid decisions.
  • Your business would thrive even more!

Also, you could ditch that laborious spreadsheet.

Well, now you can!

Meet WiseCash, your lightweight
and fun-to-use cash-flow forecasting app

When you master your cash-flow forecasting with WiseCash, you can:

  • Create & update your repeat transactions in seconds.
  • Get an always up-to-date runway calculation - right before making decisions.
  • Finally reap (for real!) the benefits of cash-flow forecasting for your business!

Let WiseCash save you time and get those answers right away.

Emeline bulcourt

The financial visibility WiseCash brings me is critical for 3 reasons:
1) Reduce the daily stress, already high due to running a web-agency!
2) Ease decision-making on purchases/investments, recruiting + bonuses for my team.
3) Efficiently envision and plan our long-term strategy.
— Emeline Bulcourt, CEO, Impala Webstudio

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…and stop pulling your hair out over cash-flow forecasting.

Try WiseCash on us with our 14-day fully functional free trial. There’s no long-term contract, you can cancel your plan & export your data at any time.

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$24/mo (+ EU VAT when applicable) after your trial.

Calculating cash-flow just got easier for Joël Rotelli!

Thanks to WiseCash, both my rates and my available cash increased considerably. And so did my peace of mind! — Joël Rotelli, CEO, Blootips

I love the super simple to use interface. Very easy to get started! I got actionable results in very limited time.

Seriously: I love the super simple to use interface. It's very easy to get started! I got actionable results in very limited time. — Jonathan Path, Entrepreneur

Finally, get clear-cut financial predictions
without laboring over a spreadsheet

When you use WiseCash to forecast your cash-flow, you get the benefit of using a tool designed to help you quickly and easily answer these questions:

  • When exactly are you going to run out of cash?
  • How much in bonuses can you safely offer to your employees?
  • Can you quote a higher price without endangering your business?
  • When is the right time to make that purchase you’ve been putting off?
  • Is your sales pipeline full enough to turn down that client?
  • How much can you invest to build and grow your SaaS app?
  • How long until you break-even, given a 5% month-to-month income growth?
  • Can you afford to take a vacation or sabbatical?

As important as these answers are, we also know that financial planning is not the only job you’ll have today. WiseCash helps you get those answers fast so you can carry on with your day!

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We get two awesome benefits from using WiseCash:

1) Forecasting - Being able to plug in our transactions and see roughly where we'll be at in the coming weeks or months. This is really valuable when negotiating new projects as we know what our "runway" looks like and we can act accordingly.

2) Hypotheticals - How will adding a new employee affect our cash flow? What about distributing bonuses? By creating hypothetical transactions, we can see how investment or purchasing decisions will affect cash flow, which provides better insight into making a good decision.

— Thomas Weigt, Co-Founder, BitSuites, LLC Bitsuites