Baby Steps to Improve Sign-Up Conversion Rates

April 07, 2014

While my latest articles got better at attracting a bit of traffic (a good thing since most of WiseCash sign-ups come from those articles), my MixPanel funnel metrics tell me that my conversion rates have room for improvement:

Mixpanel Funnel

I have tons of content planned in my Trello writing board, that said I want to avoid “bleeding traffic” and work at improving my conversion rates first (as recommended by Mike Taber at MicroConf Europe 2013).

I’m sharing what I learn here as I go, which provides me a warm fuzzy feeling of usefulness AND attracts leads, both good things! This is a work in progress — I will share more later in my newsletter.

Identifying areas of improvement

I looked at the current site and sign-up process and noticed at least 3 areas that would enjoy improvements:

  • Funnel could be shortened.
  • Sign-up forms could be improved quite a bit.
  • Home page could do a much better job.

Shortening the funnel

The current funnel is made of these steps:

  1. View “Home” page.
  2. View “Plans” page.
  3. View “Create Account” page (login/password).
  4. View “Create Subscription” page (not shown in the funnel currently).
  5. Create Subscription for good.

I initially planned to offer multiple plans and indicated this on the “Plans” page, but I didn’t get many requests, so I’m finally going to remove the “Plans” page to shorten the funnel.

I could also group the “Create Account” and “Create Subscription” page, but this requires a bit of javascript hackery when using Recurly.js, so I’m postponing this for now.

Improving the sign-up form

The “Create Account” step (where you define your email and password) currently looks like this:

Account Creation

What needs some fixing here:

  • More fields than needed.
  • Lead does not necessarily understand that CC is required.
  • No risk-reversal.
  • No testimonial.
  • I mention “no refund” which acts as a deterrent.
  • Also: wall of text!

I spent some time addressing this, checking how successful apps I know handle this, and here is the new version, to be deployed soonish:

New Account Creation

In particular:

  • No more password confirmation.
  • Remove a click on the TOS checkbox (while clearly showing them).
  • A power-user testimonial highlighting the value proposition.
  • A highlight of the new 30-day “no question asked” refund guarantee I put in place.
  • A highlight on the batteries-included trial I actually provide (concierge, email course).
  • A more enticing headline (hopefully).

It can obviously still be made a lot better, but this looks like baby steps that cannot hurt conversions (and I will definitely measure the results, too).

Improving the home page

The current home page is fairly weak in terms of selling the value proposition (unless you are already a cash-flow forecasting savvy person - my ideal customer, which is not most people I’m currently able to target).

The page highlights the feature too much (cash flow management) — and not enough the associated benefits brought by WiseCash, such as the increased ability to:

  • Increase your rates.
  • Fire clients that are unpleasant to work with and decide who you’ll work with.
  • Slow down when you need it.
  • Sleep well at night (you’re in control).

So I’m working at a better, slicker, clearer home page at the moment, inspired by the emails I’ve exchanged with existing customers (thank you!).

This is also driving me to rework the application itself a bit: I’m polishing up the infographics and metrics available inside the app (time-wealth, cash-flow burn-down chart, yearly income goal), before integrating those new versions on the homepage itself, either as pictures or as interactive previews to get a feel of the app before actually trying it out for real.

More on that later thought! I’ll share more of my findings as I go in an upcoming article, as usual.

Thibaut Barrère (WiseCash founder)


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