Heartbleed Security Update

April 09, 2014

By now you have probably heard about the severe OpenSSL vulnerability nick-named Heartbleed. Keeping my customers data safe is super important, so I’m sharing more details publicly here.

The server WiseCash is hosted on is not and never was vulnerable to Heartbleed, because it relies on a non-vulnerable version of OpenSSL. I notified my customers by email shortly after verifying this.

Since then, and because pretty much the whole internet is affected, I’ve been changing the passwords and API keys for the services WiseCash relies on (including Recurly, Stripe and DNSimple), but only after careful verification that they had patched their systems.

Despite being (so far!) a one-technical-man shop, I will continue, like always, to do my best to keep the code and the infrastructure secure (with the help of my PaaS hosting provider EngineYard).

Feel free to reach out if you have any question!

Thibaut Barrère (WiseCash founder)



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