Applying Tagging & Filtering

In WiseCash, you can apply tags to your accounts. Once this is done, you can filter the charts to only take into account the transactions with a given tag. This allows you to achieve Profit Center Forecasting.

This is useful to handle the following situations:

  • If your business has multiple sub-activities (e.g. consulting + one SaaS product), it is challenging to visualize the upcoming profits or the runway of each of these sub-activities. Tagging allows you to filter the runway estimation and other charts.
  • You can tag by people in your team if you want to track a yearly income goal per collaborator, or do an expenses vs. income analysis.
  • You can use tags to group similar expenses (e.g. taxes, saas subscriptions) then get a yearly income forecast and anticipate difficult months.

Fine! Now, here is how to use tags:

Enable the tagging add-on

This feature is an add-on, so first make sure to enable it from your settings ( icon):

Tag your accounts

To apply tags, go to the Account Overview (icon ) page and click edit:

Add your tag or reuse an existing one, then click Save:

Review your accounts

It is important to verify that you didn’t miss any related transactions while applying your tags.

The best place to do that for now (until a full blown accounts list is made available in WiseCash, which is in the works) is to go the entries listing (icon )

Visualize your Profit Center Forecast

From there, you can filter all the charts with your new tag to analyze the sub-segment of your business activity. Only the transactions tagged with at least one tag will be kept in the calculation: