Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed here, please contact us!

Is WiseCash for me?

WiseCash is useful to service business owners (consultancies, agencies, startups, architects…) who want to stay on top of their finances, be able to forecast their cash-flow inside a tool that is easy to use and lightweight.

If you want to make data-backed decisions about your cash-flow rather than running blind, then WiseCash is most likely a good fit for you!

Although it currently only supports single-user accounts, it can definitely be used to share financial predictions with your team or your accountant, so that everyone is on the same page.

Can I import my bank data?

Importing your bank data is not currently possible. While this is planned to ease the initial setup a bit and to measure forecast drift, a good forecast relies much more on large future transactions that do not appear in your bank account (such as: upcoming client payments, taxes deadlines etc) rather than on transactions which already happened.

So this is planned, but not yet available, and not as necessary as you may think!

Can I export my data?

Yes - go to your settings then click on Export, and you will get a full CSV file including all transactions starting from the oldest one up to the 2 years from now.

This can be used to make custom calculations in a spreadsheet, if needed.

Should I backfill past data?

Except for the Yearly Income Tracker, there is no need to backfill your past transactions data (e.g. transactions which occurred 3 months ago). This is because the forecasting mostly focuses on the future and what is going to happen, rather than on the past.

Can I manage multiple bank accounts?

If you have a business savings account, you can account for it by adding its current value to your main bank account balance on the burn chart. Except for that use, managing multiple bank accounts is not yet possible in WiseCash - but this is planned though.

Please get in touch with us if you have a strong need for this.

Is collaborative editing supported?

Currently WiseCash is single-user only. We are working on collaborative editing with multiple users though, and a full audit trail and other collaborative features. Let us know if you are interested by this!

Can I change my email?

Yes - just contact the support and we will do that for you.

Can WiseCash synchronize data with X?

Not at the moment, but we are evaluating various possibilities (such as integrating with Xero, FreshBooks, Wunderlist,

Is there an API?

Not yet, but this is planned at some point. Please contact us if you have a strong need for this.