Overdue & Upcoming Transactions Tracking

WiseCash provides you with a short-term dashboard, helpful to review overdue and 2-week upcoming transactions. It helps you offload cognitive burden from your brain and focus on what matters to you (outside finances).

To reach the dashboard, simply click on the Dashboard icon:

This screen is useful to:

  • Quickly review and mark transactions as paid.
  • Make sure you have invoiced your clients.
  • Review which payments you should have received.
  • Make sure you anticipate an upcoming payment or filing.
  • Make sure you do not have an outstanding cost yet to be paid.

The dashboard acts as a convenient todo list after a long period not managing your finances, such as holidays, an illness or a long streak of work, or even before taking some time off.

When you are offline, you can receive the same list of transactions via email every Sunday, to make sure you do not miss a tax deadline for instance!